FAQ: What are SuperOwner Tools?

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SuperOwner tools are options available only to the superowner of the chatroom. They enable the superowner to control all options of their room.

Control Dialogs

SuperOwner control dialogs can be accessed by right clicking anywhere in the chat area.

Room Access Dialog

The room access dialog controls access of the room. Including: Owner, Host, Grant, Voice, and Deny. There are various ways to add an access entry including nickname, ip, and passport. The user's "Passport" is the most common method. Superowners can see the user's passport when they join or leave. They can also check it using the nicklist superowner menu.

example: › Li has joined the conversation. Passport: 58a74a8ebfcdef2ddad711d14c9b89cf

The passport for Li is 58a74a8ebfcdef2ddad711d14c9b89cf

You can use this passport to add access entries.

You can also add by nickname and IP. Only staff members are able to get a user's IP address. You are able to use *wildcards* in access entries as well. For example if you wanted to ban anyone with the word "jerk" in their nickname you would enter *jerk* into the entry field.

It is not recommended that you use a nickname for Owner, Host, Grant, Voice entries. Nicknames can be cloned and are not safe to use in this manner. Using the passport is the best approach.

Room Modes

Room modes control various features of the chatroom. By checking the mode you turn the mode on. By unchecking it you turn the mode off. You can also set a room "key". With the key set users will need to know the room key/password in order to gain access to the room. This is not the same as an owner/host password. This key is simply to require a password to enter your room.

Room Properties

Room properities dialog allows you to set various information concerning your room. You can also lock these settings so they may not be changed unless they are unlocked.