FAQ: How do I change the color of my topic or welcome message?

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Overview: Webchat uses specifically formatted codes to produce colors in messages. You can use these colors in various areas including the room Topic.

Example: Welcome to the room!

To achieve the above effect you would format the text like so:

[style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]Welcome to the [/style][style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0000FF;b;]room![/style]

ff stands for FontFace and can be any font. Note the person must have that font installed on their pc to read it in that font so be sure to use common fonts such as arial, tahoma, etc

co stands for color. You can use color names such as red or blue and you can also use color codes such as #FF0000. For a full list of color codes see http://www.immigration-usa.com/html_colors.html

the b is for bold

i would be for italic.

Make sure you have the proper format with a semi-colon after each type. such as b; or i;

always make sure you end the text with [/style]. If you have more than one style in a message please close one before starting another.