FAQ: Definitions of room modes.

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  • i: Set room to invitation only. Only users that are /invited may enter.
  • f : Room filter. This will filter out certain profanity form showing to the room.
  • k : Room key. This will set a room key that must be used to enter the room.
  • l: Room limit. Set the max limit of users that the room will accept.
  • m : Room is Moderated. Only users with voice +v may send messages to the room.
  • p : Room is private. It will not show in the room list.
  • t : Only a host or owner may set the room topic.
  • u: Room Knocks. This will show room owners if a person sends a Knock to the room.
  • w : Normal users cannot whisper non-hosts (note that this is a lowercase w).
  • P: This is room join flood protection.
  • W: Guests cannot whisper non-hosts (note that this is an UPPERCASE W).
  • Topic : Set the room Topic.
  • Onjoin : Set the room onjoin message.
  • Owner : Set the room ownerkey.
  • Host : Set the room hostkey.